Jan van Rissenbeck
1983-1991 Bass player in various musical performances.

1991-2006 bar and dance club manager of KDW in Berlin-Mitte. 

Since 1995 sound design and computer music

1997 Sound recordings for a short film, followed by more feature film sound recordings.

Live electronic performances and several record releases with my solo project neurot and the band Mittekill with live performances in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

2017 Relocation to Hong Kong 
2021 relaunch of the neurot project
About PAN 


Bought his first electric guitar in 2003 and had his first band performance in school 

In 2005, wrote his first song featured in a short film 

Formed several bands, initially playing rock/punk covers and later dived into post-rock realm after witnessing Sigur Rós’ live in Hong Kong in 2006 

Several years after living in an outlying island, started making electronic music on his own since 2018 

Formed PJAN with Jan. Had a gig on the island in 2022 and in the town in 2023